About Us

Founders of Blush and Glow® makeup and hair, Anita and Artee have worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. They founded the company, Blush and Glow, in 2006, as a one stop on location hair and makeup company based in Houston, Texas.  With years of experience creating beautiful looks, clients from around the world trust Blush and Glow. 

As professional makeup artists, Anita and Artee were always trying new brands and formulas to give their clients the best and longest lasting products in the market.  After not finding the perfect lipstick shades and formulas that offered intense color that lasted all day, without feeling heavy or dry, they created a line of luxurious lipsticks that have amazing color payoff yet feel light and creamy on. Once their lipsticks launched and clients demanded more products with the same luxurious lightweight feel and staying power they expanded their line to include lipglosses, eyeshadows, liners, foundations and more.

Come try out why Blush and Glow® will be the next favorite brand to keep in your kit!